The Liberals will Ruin the United States of America.

Liberalism is the greatest threat to the sovereignty of the greatest country in the history of the world. How can I say that? Simply, name one program the Liberals have endorsed that have made this country stronger?
Let’s see what they want to push on us:
1. Open the boarders: How stupid is that? Why would we allow everybody who wanted to come here to cross without due process? This is the stupidest thing I’ve I have ever heard. Additionally, watching the Liberals in congress give a standing ovation to the Mexican President when he criticized our immigration laws was a first in the history of this nation. I hope there were enough cameras in capture the faces of each person who stood so this can be played in that person’s reelection campaign.
2. Cap and Trade: Do you know the details of this horrible proposal? I’ve read it and I can tell you that this will begin the process of stripping away our sovereignty as nation and hand it over to the UN. Once again the Liberals attempt to weaken country are astounding.
3. Health Care: The greatest hoax ever played on the American People. Who actually fell for the lie that we all can get something for nothing. I hate to say this but it show just how ignorant the Liberals followers really are. The Liberal Leaders knew all this Government run health care was a hoax…the sad thing is they got some people to believe their lie.
4. Embracing of Islam over Christianity: The Liberals have such a low regard for anything having to do with God that they have fallen into the trap of Islam’s claim to be a peaceful religion. The liberals actually embrace Sharia Law to placate the Muslims. Once again Political Correctness taken to a new low.
5. More Government/Less Free Enterprise: Free Markets and Capitalism are what made this country the best in the world. There are more millionaires in the US per capita than any other country. Why is that? Because we are the most innovative in the world. The best high technology companies are headquartered in the US (for now). All you hear from the Liberals is we need a Millionaire Tax. Stupid…Stupid…Stupid.

I could list 6 more, but you get the message. If you want to turn this country into a 3rd world country just keep the Liberals in power.

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#1 Donald on 08.23.10 at 6:17 PM

Liberals’ contempt for the USA is so far deep rooted in hate for the success of this country and its good people. These liberals see life through the lens of unfairness and they apparently all share some delusional belief that those who have worked hard and succeeded somehow took from those that are poor and lazy. The liberals that I know, and others that I have met, all seem to believe in the most upside down and irrational ideas that leave me to think that liberalism may just be a mental disorder. When I really began to take a closer look at liberals, several years ago, I was absolutely amazed at how they seem to hate anything that advances America, and yet are in favor of anything that harms America – no matter how destructive or immoral. I was raised to love my country and to be proud to live in the greatest country in the world. I grew up singing patriotic songs and every morning, at school, we said the pledge of allegiance. I must have been so naive, because I thought that every American loved America, and had no idea that their were hate mongers called liberals. As a grown man in my forties, it still amazes me, even today, that there are American people [liberals] that hate America and her successes.

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