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Conservatives Shrug

After reading Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, I believe it should be Conservatives Shrugged. As a rule Conservatives are the ones who generate capital, are innovative, risk takers, business men, entrepreneurs. Without Conservatives, commerce would grind to a halt. Whereas Liberals pride themselves on the Arts, Music, and generally speaking more what we would call elitist pursuits. A great example is France. France has been taken over by the progressives and as a result how many companies do you see setting up their world headquarters in France….NONE. Why? The liberal mentality that is so pervasive in France has made the country uncompetitive in the global market. In fact France ranked 27th.
So why are the conservatives starting to rebel? It’s simple, Conservatives are under attack by the government, liberal media and the liberals themselves.
Point No. 1: Conservatives have allowed progressives to increase government entitlements to the point that little 50% of your income must be handed over to the government. This philosophical wealth distribution mentality by demonizing those voracious capitalist and force them give up their money is unjust and not what made this country great.
Point No. 2: Liberals teach hate to minorities. That’s right all these liberal “community activist” programs indoctrinate the poor and make sure they understand that if they vote Republican those voracious capitalists will take away their welfare checks. If you vote for socialist you’ll continue to get your welfare checks and we’ll even make sure you continue to bet an extra $15/mo (I made that last part up). Reasonable people know that’s true. The only way Liberals can continue to capture the minority vote is to scare them into voting against their better judgments and vote Liberal.
Point No. 3: Liberals don’t like America. That’s right, Liberal judges dislike the Constitution, Christianity, Right to Lifer’s and finally, they dispise anyone who doesn’t agree with them. They speak of tolerance, but will not tolerate those who oppose their view. Just look at how they attack conservative talk-show hosts or conservative commentators. In fact the socialist elite won’t hire conservatives. Look at Hollywood, or the 3 networks. All controlled by progressives, very few conservatives.
I could continue on with their anti-war stance, their attacks on our military, CIA and the list goes on and on. Suffice it to say, Conservatives are beginning the process of shrugging this burden of government. Let’s hope there is a true “House Cleaning” that takes place in Washington DC before the conservatives decide to act on their threats and decide to take their money to other countries. If that were to happen, you’d be left with a country no better than communist Russia.
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Health Care or Health Scare?

It never ceases to amaze me how all the politicians resort to scare tactics to influence you to their side.  Democrats suggest you’ll die without their plan and republicans suggest that the county will go broke if you adopt the current health care plan or better known as ObamaCare.

Well, let’s look at the facts.

Fact No. 1: The government does a poor job of offering services that are already being handled by the private sector.  Look at the Post Office, Education or Medicaid/Medicare.  The government thinks if you throw enough money at it, it will work.  The problem is, each of these government employees make about 30% more than the private sector and then we have to continue to pay their retirement for another 20 years.

Fact No. 2: Republicans believe that people must take responsibility for their circumstances.  If you get pregnant and are single, then the father and mother are responsible for the cost to society.  Too many poor children are born out of wedlock to amoral people who could care less or don’t think how they’re going to get the money to raise them.  People are tired of the endless cycle of providing “Safety Nets” to people who have no self-control.  If you can’t afford the children, then put them in a loving home where they’ll be provided for.  Additionally, I see these idiots who smoke and then expect me to pay for their burden on the health care system because of their poor choices in life.  If you smoke then add $2.00/pack and put it into the smokers pool for smoking related health care cost.   Or how about alcohol abuse.  These clowns that “pound down” a six-pack a day and then at age 50 can barely walk 50 feet without getting out of breath hurt themselves and other with their irresponsible actions and then expect you and I to pay for the consequences of those poor decisions.  Nope…if you drink in excess (more than a 6-pack a week) then you’re placed in a different category for health risk.  Once again, add $5 for each 6-pack that goes into an alcohol medical fund.

Fact No. 3:  Democrats believe that wealth distribution should reward the lazy bum who never bothered to finish High School and has no ambition to improve themselves.  Sorry democrats, I know that the vast majority of the people that fall in this category are democrats, but don’t you think those who, by their own poor choices, never doing anything to improve society should be allowed to be a financial drain?  These are the people who expect the government to come to their aid because they don’t even have enough for bus fare….remember Katrina?  Nope…I’m done with these leaches on society.  If you refuse to contribute to society, then you should not be allowed to reap the benefits.

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Health Care Summit or Inner Party Bolstering

While our glorious leader spoke, I was reminded of the book 1984 where Winston Smith is in the Company Canteen (cafeteria) eating and there is an “inner” party official speaking about the Great Feats of “Big Brother” and everyone around him is in agreement especially his secretary who says “you are so right” over and over.  Am I stupid or is the Democratic Party becoming like the secretary and continues to tell BHO “You are so right” even when the majority of the population is saying you are so wrong Mr. President.

I know there have to be some in the democratic party who’s IQ is higher than 100, but they sure didn’t show on Thursday (Feb 25) during the Health Care Summit Meeting. Let me illustrate a few points:

1. Why do the democrats have to share a story about an individual and expect the population to agree that because a small minority of people have experienced some tragedy with the health care system, then the Government has to come in and take it over?  Why don’t the democrats share some of the stories about some of these VA clinics and the horrible conditions.  If that doesn’t change your mind about Government Run Health Care then nothing will.

If that were the case, then let’s throw out the justice system.  There have been people who have been wrongly accused of a crime including murder.  Those stories are tragic, therefore let’s get rid of the justice system entirely.

Oh, how about the long lines at the DMV.  I bet there are thousands of complaints about how long people have had to wait in line at the DMV.  It’s tragic, let’s get government out of the DMV.

Or, what about all those people who have to wait for their welfare checks and food stamps.  It’s tragic to hear the stories about all those poor people who expect the government to provide for them.  It’s heartbreaking to hear all the sad stories about people who barely have enough to eat and their kids go to bed hungry…

Here is the big difference between the Liberals and Conservatives, Liberals believe that there has been an injustice if anyone has $1 more than his neighbor.  Conservatives believe that if you work had you should be rewarded for your efforts…not penalized.  There you have it.  BHO, feels we should all share the wealth…that’s communism plain and simple, and to sit there and watch the Liberal Democrats go along with it…reminds me how they defended Clinton when he was caught lying about his affair with Ms. Lewinsky.  The Democratic Party Motto should say “If he/she is a democrat then no rules apply.

But I digress…let’s get back to the health care summit.  The most laughable story was the “I’m wearing my dead sisters false teeth” story.  Who elected her anyway….I’d be embarrased if she….you know something let me put it in her actual words… LOUISE SLAUGHTER: I even have one constituent, you will not believe this and I know you won’t, but it’s true. Her sister died. This poor woman had no dentures. She wore her dead sister’s teeth, which of course were uncomfortable and did not fit.

Ummm…there’s a rallying point for you democrats out there….everyone is entitled to false teeth.  Let’s write that in the Health Care Bill to make sure everyone gets false teeth.  Since each person in that room was hand picked by the democrats to represent their point of view, please tell me Louise Slaughter crashed the party and was let in by mistake…please.  New York…shame on you for letting someone that stupid represent you.

2. Okay…My next Point and I better make it my last point because I’m shocked that democrats actually believe this stuff.  Early in the summit Max Baucus says ” It is — we — we are on the verge and the cusp, with not too much effort, to try to bridge a lot of gaps here, because the gaps, in my judgment, are not that great”.  Well, Mr Baucus I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but that whole democratic IQ thing is starting to come out.  Democrats love government control and republicans feel that private enterprise and little government control is the answer.

What about those 2 philosophies can you find any common ground?  That was simply a ploy to try to convince the American People that that they should expect progress during the summit and it backfired.

Look, let’s get real…the democrats are basically an amoral party who approach governing with the idea that the means justify the ends….it’s that simple and BHO made that clear yesterday when at the very end he basically said we’re going to do it my way because I believe I have the votes. Here’s what the democrats are hoping.  If  we get this thing passed early in 2010, then the population will forget about it by election time in November and we’ll all get reelected.  If we don’t pass it, then it will be held against us in November and we’ll be seen as a do nothing congress. If the democrats have their way, and it’s looking like they have an uphill battle within their own party, what will they tell their constituents when they’re facing reelection this November? Now that’s some spin I can’t wait to hear.