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Liberals Hate Conservatives/Christians…But they do Love Muslims

I’ve been watching some of the Liberal Cable programs the other day, and I must tell you, it was sad to see how they attack people personally. I believe they truly hate conservatives. In fact many of these Liberals will quickly attack anything that might be considered conservative thought including Christianity. Unfortunately these same Liberals are quick to praise anything having to do with Islam.
I was watching one of the cable shows the other day noticed the how poorly the conservative commentator was treated, in fact the Liberal host said something to the effect of you are not worth the air that you breath. In another words you are better off dead.
I can’t remember a time when the Liberals have ever said anything negative about a Muslim or Islam for that matter. They talk about the Palestinians as if they’re peace loving people. Correct me if I’m wrong, aren’t these the same people who were dancing in the streets when the smoke was still rising from the Twin Towers?
Don’t ever forget it. The Islam religion hates Freedom. There is nothing “Progressive” about Islam. Trying holding a “Gay Day” parade down the streets of Riyadh. Or how about a Christian Day Parade in Riyadh? How about allowing Christians to close down a main street to pray. Believe it or not we allow Muslim’s to Parade down the middle of New York City and spew their hatred for this country. In fact many Muslim leaders wish to create a Muslim state within the United States and divide the country just as they’re trying to do in Israel. They hate, because it is in their Quran to hate anyone who is not a Muslim. In fact it is their stated desire to convert the world into Islam.
So here you have it, Liberals Love Islam (except for the part of not embracing the Gay Lifestyle) and they hate Christians.

Actual words from a Muslim when I proved that Mohammand married young girls

capricorncoool has replied to your comment on Nicole: HOW I CONVERTED TO ISLAM:

thats right !If u already know that taliban not doing wat islam wants,thats gr8. And terrorists hv no religion ! Our holy book itself condemns these ppl
dont remember the reference right nw. My dear brother, marring a nine years old girl is not sick!
Nine years old girls can have sex. cause she is complete! Islam incourages marring early cause if a girl has sex with a stranger or BF. It is morally damaging. And above all , men just want to smack that. We all know it !

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Islam is a Lie

Jihad warriors (like those in Canada, U.S., Britain, India and elsewhere) despise democracy and will do all they can to resist it?

The stifling effect Islam has had on science and free inquiry, accounting for its failure to prosper and hence of its murderous envy of the West?

The ghastly lure of Islam’s X-rated Paradise for suicide bombers and jihad terrorists?

Mohammad ordered and rejoiced in the assassinations of his enemies. He lied and broke treaties as a matter of course?

No Thank You

Islam is dying

I’m not a fan of Richard Dawkins but you have to watch this revealing video on You Tube