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Spread the Wealth = Take from those who employ our constituents

I love the new Liberal Motto “Spread the Wealth”. Since the liberals know that the “Rich” are typically the people who run companies and employ a large number of people, I think they liberals would agree with me and change the Motto to “Take from those who employ our constituents”.
Let me tell you what the “Rich” do to “Spread the Wealth”. We pay taxes and lot’s of them. According to my calculations I’m paying about 50% of my personal income in taxes and I’m happy to do so. Now I’m hearing that the Rich are not paying their fair share.
Okay, let’s dissect where the money is spent:
1. $40,000/mo for Salary
2. $10,000/mo for Payroll taxes
3. $10,000/mo for estimated taxes
4. $9,000/mo for medical insurance
5. $5,000/mo for employee bonuses
6. $3,000/mo for company vehicles
7. $2,000/mo Rent
8. $2,000/mo for Cell Phones
9. $800/mo for Utilities
10. $700/mo for American Made Car
11. $500/mo for Auto Insurance
12. $10,000/mo misc expenses.
So according to the liberals, I am not paying my fair share and should pay even more. Well, I wonder how many of these liberals have ever run a company where they have to meet payroll? Can you name one? I can’t.
Here’s an example of what small business owners have to deal with. Just the other day I got a notice from the IRS that I underpaid payroll taxes by about $250 and the letter that was sent, basically told me that if I didn’t pay immediately they would seize my bank accounts. Now how long would I be able to meet payroll if the IRS seized my accounts over a $250 dispute.
It would be much easier and certainly a lot less stressful for me to take my money and retire and not have to worry about anything except myself and a lot of people are doing just that…but that’s not what I wish to do.
I don’t have a strong desire to build additional wealth, I just enjoy running a business and taking care of my employees and making sure I provide a better life for them. But when it becomes so difficult to run a business that I can no longer make a profit, then I must cease operations.
What would happen if all the small business owners decided enough is enough. The President has said “Now is not the time to seeking profits”. Well let me tell you something…when the government prevents me from making a profit, that’s the day I fire all 14 employees, put them on unemployment insurance, Medicaid/Medicare and let you the tax payer support them. I’ll take my money, and enjoy the rest of my life traveling the world with my wife.

So…go ahead..take my profits…you the tax payers can support the 14 employees at about $1500/mo each in welfare and Medicare. So to all you liberals who have no idea what it takes to run a company…